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Everything you need is already inside you.


Everything you need is already inside you.

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Whoop whoop, our second challenge is here! For those that enjoyed #teamnocheats, here is #happyhealthyholidays! A challenge that takes place November First through January First of 2015 - this is your way to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle through one of the most difficult times of the year. The holiday months are known to take a toll on people, both mentally and physically. The average person gains between 8 and 15 pounds during this time! This is your way to combat that! 

The hashtag challenge and the yoga challenge are optional! They are both a way to keep you on track with the challenge but are not necessary. You can participate on both tumblr and instagram! Pictures, word posts, videos, whatever you want! Just hashtag it as #happyhealthyholidays :) 

The creators and hosts of this challenge are myself, fitchris25 and fitandfruity. You can also find us on Instagram under natashaxjade, fitchris25, and fitandfruityy. Be sure to tag us in your posts on both tumblr and instagram so we can see your stuff! :) 

There will also be mini-challenges (once a week) for you guys to participate in! Winners of the mini-challenges will be feature on our blogs and Instagrams :) 

Remember that this is not a strict challenge, if you miss a day or fall of the wagon, it’s no problem! We want you to be happy and healthy during these holiday months (and for life), so do what works for you. Make this your challenge.  There is no one right way to do this challenge. Everyone’s will be different and that is 100% ok :) 

Just reblog this post, and feel free to repost it on Instagram/Facebook/etc and spread the word!

Can’t wait to join in on this awesome challenge!!

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Can you imagine a real octopus playing a bunch of instruments? Holy moly, that’d be awesome.

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